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Irresponsible, dangerous and unacceptable, Anesia!



Editor: When Anesia Baptiste first stepped into the political foray, it seemed like a serious attempt to encourage a “christian” perspective on the Referendum, and lending support to the VOTE NO campaign. Many well-thinking Christian Vincentians were encouraged by this new voice calling for the rights of the people, and she quickly got our attention, and we rallied behind her.{{more}} Oh, how disappointed we have been! Her own pronouncements, proclamations and actions at that time belied her supposed “christian” stance. Her aggression, offensive language, lack of humility and seeming bitterness and anger stand out as decidedly un-Christian in nature, and many of her Christian supporters have turned away.

Now, several months down the road, we see even more clearly what seems to be her cleverly disguised, self-serving ambition. Her venture into the NDP, instead of being purely Christian in nature, seems to have been a politically motivated one.

Of course, I am sure that NDP supporters, blinded by their hatred for Ralph Gonsalves, will disagree with that statement. But this is exactly my point, because at no time has Anesia Baptiste showed herself a true Christian, by coming out against the disunity, divisiveness, factions and discord that are so very evident in both political parties, and that the Word of God speaks so strongly against! She has never openly condemned the political hatred that exists within the rank and file of the NDP – but instead ignores this wicked, unchristian attitude and heart, while at the same time publicly branding the current Prime Minister, government, and by extension all ULP supporters as “wicked and evil!”

This is obviously a stance to promote her political appetite, instead of the christian virtues of love and forgiveness. I remember reading an online forum where someone dared to ask her if as a christian woman in the public view, if she had “Christian love” for Ralph Gonsalves… an important question that she refused or it seems neglected to answer.

She also makes the mistake of trying to “brand” the NDP as “christian” in nature, even daring to suggest that anyone who votes for the ULP is not a true christian! What a self-righteous, uncaring attitude! Like the Pharisees in Jesus time, she shows a true lack of christian love and humility, by her own words and actions.

The latest is her letter to the Searchlight of December 3rd, 2010 – labeling the Prime Minster as “Irresponsible, dangerous and unacceptable” for his condemnation of the NDP leadership in the Chateaubelair incident. In almost 1,000 words, Anesia Baptiste defends the NDP and condemns the ULP Leadership… without one single word in support of the women who were beaten, or condemnation of this wicked, cowardly act by known NDP male supporters!

This is amazing, from a woman who supposedly is a christian, and an upholder of individual rights and freedoms! True christians, even NDP supporters, would have expected Anesia to use her words to come out strongly against this evil against the rights of women, even if they have an opposing political ideology!

We all looked to Anesia to prove her faith by showing true christian virtues – to stand tall by her own proclamation to defend the defence-less, to go against the grain and risk offending her political superiors, for the sake of righteousness! If she had been willing to do this, how she could have swung the vote! How she would have won many well-thinking supporters, from across both political parties!

Unfortunately, what we now see from Anesia is what we’ve become accustomed to – more of the same unchristian bitterness, hatred and divisiveness – and unwillingness to publicly condemn the evils of the NDP – but eagerness to spin it around and find a way to demonize her political opponents. Her stance and position are obviously biased, and based not on scripture, but on politics!

The ends do not justify the means. Whatever Anesia claims as her good intentions, God will never bless her with a profitable political career, if she continues to “claim” righteousness with her lips, but has actions filled with bitterness, selfish ambition and envy (James 4)!

Go ahead, Anesia – be a Political figure, support the NDP, exercise your democratic right, vote your own conscience. Contrary to your suggestions, I’m sure no one will rob you of your right to vote come December 13, 2010. But you should not continue to suggest that all your actions, proclamations and ambitions are christian in nature. This is a christian country – and we see clearly through your self-serving ambitions! We are certainly not impressed, and many of us true christians are very deeply offended!

James 3:1-2 says “My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation. For in many things we offend all. If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body”.

If you continue to propose that you are an example of how christians should represent Christ this elections – then to our minds, your own behavior is “Irresponsible, Dangerous and Unacceptable!” And because of this, many of us will NOT support your party, on principle! Get your act together, Anesia! God expects – even demands so much more!

Focused Christian Voter.