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Refrain from violence, control our emotions



Editor: We are just some days away from General Elections where as Vincentians we will be casting our votes to select a party to govern this nation for another five years. I will appeal to us as Vincentians to refrain from violence and control our emotions and anger.{{more}}

In 1 Timothy 2: 1, we are told to pray for those in authority. The church’s responsibility is to pray for the politicians and not to be actively involved in campaigning. Being actively involved in politics and campaigning will cause division and create enemy. When the elections are over we are still Vincentians and we have to live together as one. As Christians we have a mission to reach others for Jesus Christ. If the politicians are Christians then this nation will be a blessed nation.

We should never cease to pray. We are encouraged to pray fervently. Pray for this nation and for quiet and peaceful elections where everything will be conducted in a peaceable and fair manner. I call upon us as Vincentians to get on our knees and pray earnestly for peace.

Remember that God appoints Kings and brings down Kings. So whoever wins this election has been ordained by God. The Lord in His wisdom will appoint the right party according to His will.

May God bless us all and may He guides us on Election Day to choose the right party to govern us for the next five years.

Kennard King