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Ralph the Leader


by Frank B Branch 07.DEC.10

We have a national hero, one who loves his country well
Who has always fought oppression, this our history will always tell
He loves his people dearly, and fights for their freedoms and rights
His courage no one can question, his integrity no one can indict{{more}}

He has out-distanced his peers extremely; his achievements are all well known
Our country will be poorer without him, a loving disposition he has always shown
He’s a “country boy” with distinction, Colonaire, the place of his birth
And when all is said and finished, he’s a man of tremendous worth

We give him due thanks and honor, for his commitment to the people’s cause
That he may save our beloved country, from the N.D.P’s hungry jaws
Let’s support him with all our resources, to make our country free
To enable him in this great Endeavour, with our heartfelt loyalty

His teammates are all committed, his loyal supporters too
To bear the flag of freedom, to work till light breaks through
Dear Ralph, we’ll always love you, no matter what our enemies say
You are the one to lead us, to a new and brighter day

Stay strong, our beloved leader, be true to the mission you’re given
For wisdom and courage you’re needing, will come with patience from heaven
Let nothing prevent your overcoming, each obstacle which stands in the way
Press on in this noble struggle, till freedom and justice hold sway