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Ah going to miss René Baptiste



Editor: This country breathed a sigh of relief when Prime Minister Dr.Ralph Gonsalves announced the date for the elections as December 13. The time is coming when most Vincentians will say well done. Minister Baptiste is leaving and I’m of the impression she is being forced out. Did she deliver for St. Vincent? (Yes). As the elected Parliamentarian of West Kingstown did she deliver?{{more}} No! That’s according to the people of West Kingstown. I would like Minister Baptiste to point me to something that she did which would have had lasting impression. Minister Baptiste is a highly qualified person, sometimes I wonder if our Prime Minister feels threatened having Baptiste around, that’s why she’s not being encouraged by him. Prime Minister Gonsalves made a statement that he’s the only person who can lead this country. I wonder how Rene Baptiste took that statement when the Prime Minister made it. My understanding of the statement is Ralph is the man not Baptiste. Ask yourself this question, does Minister Baptiste appears to have leadership qualities, if you say yes, you are admitting that she is being forced out. Who should we blame, the Prime Minister or Baptiste? She has herself to blame (never act as PM when he is out of the country).

Minister Beache admitted that he failed the people of his constituency by not giving quality representation. I’m wondering if Minister Beache thinks the Prime Minister could have helped by giving support in Cabinet. It’s good to see the ULP found Frederick Stephenson. Minister Walters came in with great expectations, did he deliver? No! He’s in the same bracket like Cruickshank, wise men come from the East but they failed. Hope is being shown by Caesar but that’s why he not using Walters as an example.

Minister Browne was champion of the people before he became politician. People of West St. George expected big things from Mike, but Mike fell asleep in the job. What a failure, poor Mike Browne. That’s why Ces McKie told me he is leaving Mike Browne behind in his campaign.

Minister Slater promised a lot, but failed to deliver. Why? Is it because the Prime Minister did not give the encouragement which was needed. Imagine this is the man the Prime Minister said should have replaced him.

Elected parliamentarian Conrad Sayers, remember him? He was a bright start, but this star failed to shine for the people of Central Kingstown. Oh how politics could change or build. Let us look at Conrad in today’s politics as a failure.

Deputy Prime Minister Louis Straker came and delivered. Thank you Sir Louis it’s a good thing 17 seats didn’t happen, we might have seen you.

The Prime Minister said ULP would be delivering for Vincentians that’s why he asking for a third term. Our Prime Minister once said gave him two terms in office and he will deliver. Delivered he did, but for some reason Vincentians seem to be upset or fed up with our PM. That’s why they keep saying he’s minister of every ministry. He’s asking for a third term saying he’s going to train young candidates to take over from him. Imagine somebody besides his son. Everything that was done by the PM he had to do it, that’s why we gave him the job as Prime Minister. But all it’s time for you to go, it’s not up to me. If Vincentians vote on policy ULP will win, but PM the word on the ground, it’s time for you to go. If your party loses, ask yourself this question, after all you did why pay attention to yourself.

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Kingsley DeFreitas