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Edwin Snagg for the Southern Grenadines

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Editor: During the campaign in the 2005 General Elections, a list of a number of projects which were initiated and developed by the then Senator Edwin Snagg in the Southern Grenadines was published. Since then, he was provided yeoman service to the people of this area.{{more}}

Who is EDWIN SNAGG? Maybe he does not need any further introduction. But just to refresh our minds who this stalwart, this people-person individual is, I show hereunder some qualities and qualifications of the gentleman.

Let’s now deal with more of what he has accomplished since 2005.

1) Marine lights installed at the Port in Union Island

2) The beautification of Clifton which is second to none.

3) Islanders will remember hundred (100) acres. This lovely parcel of land ‘given away’ by the Mitchell Government has been retrieved and is now back in the possession of the Government.

4) Environmental work done at Frigate Rock significant in the sense that it recognizes a son of the soil, Captain Hugh Mulzac – “A Star to Steer By.”

5) Construction of a state of the art administration building, housing the office of Immigration, Customs, Port Registry, other Department to carry out Government Business.

6) Construction of a Learning Resource Centre especially designed for training in Marine life.

7) A Multipurpose Playing Field with asphalt at Canouan.

8) New Jetty at Canouan.

9) Secondary school at Union Island (WHAT A SCHOOL!), with accommodation for teachers.

10) A new water tank at Donalson Hill linked with a 3” pipe stretching some _ mile providing water .

11) Resurfacing of the Union Island airstrip.

12) As a Commissioner of the International Whaling Commission (IWC), he was able to negotiate a reduction of fees by the $10,000.00 at a meeting which was held in Morocco.


I challenge any right thinking person in the Southern Grenadines to compare these accomplishments with the previous administration. I dare say there is NO comparison!!

Of course, these worthwhile projects did not come cheaper by the dozen. They cost a good bit, but because of Snaggy’s skills which he has developed over the years, and his persuasiveness, these many projects were implemented by the U.L .P.

It is obvious that there are still some unfinished tasks which he has purposed to bring to fruition.

People of the Southern Grenadines , it is time that you break from the bondage of James Mitchell and the NDP and give Edwin Snagg to perform for the next five (5) years.

Mr Snagg has devoted his life to you, even though you have rejected him at the polls. A close look at his accomplishments would show that he has made your life more comfortable. He has provided for your basic needs; he has made provisions for you to enhance your life; he has educated you. Imagine what he would do for you when you elect him as your representative! People of the Southern Grenadines, do not be ungrateful. Do not reject progress. Show Vincentians and the rest of the world that you are progressive. Vote for Edwin Snagg in this upcoming elections.