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‘Stand for a third term’

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Editor: The suspense ended for me two weeks ago while reading “SEARCHLIGHT”.

The election date has been set for December 13th.

As I have written before, the political parties have a responsibility to conduct a vigorous and spirited campaign based on the relevant issues and provide an educated electorate with the type of information that will help them in selecting a government.{{more}}

I have lived abroad for almost 30 years and do not vote in my native St.Vincent and the Grenadines- my last vote there was Dec 1979.

However, I have followed events taking place there always as I should.

I visited twice during the NDP years in office and was not impressed.

But my last trip just two and a half years ago was a pleasant surprise, as I saw signs of progress everywhere I went.

Whether it was a trip up the Leeward coast to Richmond or up the Windward coast past the Rabacca Bridge, a scenic drive through the Marriaqua Valley or a ferry ride down the Grenadines, I found St. Vincent and the Grenadines to be a fantastic place.

I spoke to many people and took notes of the smiles on their faces.

I came away with the impression that things are good in the land of my birth.

On my return to the United States I urged many people to take a trip to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

It has often been said that “ If it is not broken do not fix it.” You know who you have, but you do not know whom you will get.

I am of the opinion that the ULP has been very good for our country and deserves to continue as our government.

I say, “Stand for a third term.”

Ken Wyllie USA