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A note for Sir James Mitchell

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EDITOR: James Mitchell began a political career in 1966. He stepped back a decade ago, but continues to contribute to the affairs of the New Democratic Party (NDP) which he founded. Now after 1984, the late Milton Cato, our first Prime Minister retired almost absolutely from politics. The late Ebenezer Joshua also retired graciously from politics. However, Mitchell is different; he seems to be obsessed with the demon of power.{{more}}

I would applaud a James Mitchell who says to the present leader of the NDP, and to the party: “I have such and such valuable contacts, resources, skills and interest that you can depend on. I place them at your disposal. Let me know what you want me to do Arnhim, you are my leader now, use me.” That is how a mature senior statesman in a small country should conduct himself/herself. S/He would take orders, s/he would serve and s/he would be genuinely happy to see the party develop under new leadership, even if that new leadership were very different from what s/he expected.

James Mitchell is still an able and respected person, but he is an invasive force in the operations of the NDP and a disruptive and abrasive voice in the nation. Just imagine, if Ralph Gonsalves in his time, were to retire with the same obsessive spirit that James Mitchell has demonstrated, our state would be quite unsettled. As if forces from the grave would not let us be.

No party must tolerate such a state of affairs.

No nation can benefit from such insolent misconduct. “The old order changeth”, Tennyson wrote.

I bring my concern particularly to the attention of Sir James and I ask him kindly to chill and submit.

Oscar Allen