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Congratulations to Mr. Lennox Lewis



Editor: Your Tuesday edition of the SEARCHLIGHT newspaper carried an article on the achievements of Lennox O’Reilly Augustus Lewis.{{more}}

I want to congratulate Lewis for his achievements and contributions to Education for about 40 years in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

I am a product of the excellent educational leadership of Lewis when he was the headteacher of the Union Methodist School, which is now called the New Grounds Primary School. He functioned successfully in that school. When one considers the poor facilities of that school and many others he worked in, his achievements are even more note worthy. The conditions of these schools were a legacy of colonial brutality, yet Lewis, who was a “soldier” for the Almighty God, never got weary and tired, never complained, and never threw in the towel and surrendered.

He is also a humanitarian who is genuinely concerned about the welfare of people around him. This quality is in much demand now – genuine humanitarianism.

Lewis is a good source to learn this from. He is not one to blow his own horns and boast about his qualities and accomplishments. He is a quiet fighter for compassion, solidarity and love among people.

Maxwell Haywood