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Haiti I love you (Haiti Mwen renmenw)



Editor: Haiti is a beautiful country with potential to become a rich nation. It has, however, been hit with a series of natural disasters, none not as devastating as the January earthquake.{{more}}

To the many Haitians living in countries all over the world, including our own SVG, we say to you all MWEN RENMENW. You are in our prayers. We live in this country in luxury, as compared to those living in Haiti, and yet we complain so much. It is heartrending to see people drinking water from drains and living in shelters where they have to sleep on a mattress on the floor, with very few basic things such as water and electricity, and yet they are surviving. Their faces still wear a smile, and they serve with politeness and contentment. Indeed, visiting that country can change your life.

It is sad that there are those who are wealthy and may even be millionaires, while a large percentage are living in poverty. Many will try to survive on 100 US dollars per month as their salary. The hotel rates range from US 60 to over 200 US per night, yet they pay their workers very little as 200 US per month in some cases. This is indeed a big rip off.

Haiti I love you (MWEN RENMENW), for you have been able to fight on despite the many challenges. You are in our hearts, and we pray that someday soon the situation will change where those who live in camps will return to their homes, those in poverty will

rise to a better living, and that the wealth will be distributed and not left in the hands of the rich minority. We pray that even the agencies that go in to help will distribute the funds to the Haitians and not live in five star hotels and driving expensive cars at the expense of the Haitians.

Haiti needs a rescue mission and a government that loves the people and cares for the people, and not politicians who would live in luxury while the masses live in poverty. MWEN RENMENW. You will always be in our heart and prayers.

Kennard King