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My prediction for the General Elections



EDITOR: Everywhere one goes in St. Vincent and the Grenadines people are asking for the elections date. I am not worried about the date. We gave the Prime Minister that privilege by voting “NO!” for the Referendum which took place November 25, 2009.{{more}}

What’s important to me is the quality of the candidates which is being offered by New Democratic Party (NDP) and Unity Labour Party (ULP).

Let’s start with Minister Daniel. In my opinion Minister Daniel has shown improvement as a politician. Rabbaca Bridge, Owia Fisheries and fixing roads in his constituency are things which were done by him. Did Minister Daniel deliver to his ability? Persons in Daniel’s constituency are considering giving Elvis Daniel a chance. One has to agree with me that Elvis Daniel is a credible person and could give Minister Daniel a run, but I think Minister Daniel will win.

Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves, Leader of the Unity Labour Party (ULP), normally takes credit for everything which is being done by ULP. So Miss Margaret London is brave for her attempt. Don’t waste your time Miss London, this country is better served with you as a Nurse. Politics is not for you, so take my advice.

Senator Caesar is also a Minister, is placed to understudy Minister Walters “who failed”. Is Senator Caesar a good choice? (Yes). Bash, a teacher by profession, is NDP’s choice. Could he win? Some kind of bashing will take place. I think Senator Caesar will spring a surprise and win.

NDP is going back with Burton Williams. Some things I don’t support.

Mr. Stephenson will be ULP’s candidate; he’s a quality person and would win (why)? He’s a good community man and people in Minister Beache’s constituency keep telling me Minister Beache failed them and they are looking forward with great expectation from Mr. Stephenson. I think people should vote for Mr. Stephenson.

I was told that several persons were asking to replace Minister Burgin; ULP failed to find Burgin’s replacement, so they are forced to continue with Mr. Burgin. I’m sure that Dr. Linton Lewis who is highly qualified could win, but some persons in his party (NDP) don’t want him to win. Dr. Lewis keep your campaign clean, you might just spring a surprise.

Minister Miguel what a wonderful person. She is described as the ‘Rose of the Valley’. The only thing Minister Miguel has going for her is a good campaign team. If it’s up to her, she could lose to Mr. Bowman. He thinks he can win but it’s up to the people of the valley. Remember Bowman, ULP still strong in Mespo.

Mr. McKie, Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) choice of candidate is also a quality person; but Mr. McKie is too late and what’s even worse is having Minister Browne around him. Persons in West St. George keep saying that the biggest failure we ever had is Minister Browne so we are going to give the NDP candidate, Vynette Frederick, a chance, if I think she will win (yes)? Eustace and Luke Browne, just like Miss London could never win the Prime Minister, it’s the same way that Browne has to wait his time. It’s not just your time Mr. Browne to win.

Before I heard of Mr. Elvis Charles I thought that Senator Leacock had it made. Senator Leacock don’t take Elvis for granted. Work harder you might just win. Expect a run for your money.

Senator Cummings came quite close last time. Minister Baptiste is gone; it’s much easier for Cummings to win. ULP Michelle Fife is not known, not well grounded and will have to wait a long time to make an impression on the political landscape of this country.

Nigel “Nature” Stephenson is tipped to win for the New Democratic Party (NDP), but over the last nine (9) years did not take time to improve himself. Why? Today’s politicians have to realize this world demands just more than being elected. If you don’t win blame yourself. Mr. Browne, it’s been said he is Unity Labour Party (ULP) candidate; they brought him out too late all because they want to run Sir Louis Straker.

Mr. Hull is saying he will win this time. I don’t think so. After three times, NDP should have changed him. Maxwell Charles, another quality person, could win based on what was done by Sir Louis.

Minister Thompson and Patel Matthews, some say change is coming in North Leeward. Mr. Matthews over the past nine years hasn’t shown any improvement and should not be considered by the people of North Leeward. Stay with the Doc.

Dr. Friday and Terrance Ollivierre would win their seats for the NDP. ULP putting up candidates is just a format. NDP will win those. I want my readers to give what I’m writing serious consideration and they will say this will be the event which is taking place in the next election.

Kingsley Defreitas