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How can someone be so cruel?



EDITOR: A few weeks ago, I listened to Soleil Gonsalves speaking passionately about animal cruelty in St. Vincent at the GHS Miss Heritage. Miss Gonsalves – your heart would have been torn apart if you had witnessed the cruelty meted out to a poor pony during the hurricane.{{more}} In fact, prior to the passage of Hurricane Tomas the poor injured malnourished animal was limping all over Cane Garden and it was eventually tied on a coconut tree in an open lot there.

When I enquired about the animal I was told that it belonged to a young prominent attorney. I watched through my windows as the hurricane battered the poor animal – It had no shade, it had no protection, it was battered, bruised and beaten by the hurricane.

The day after the hurricane, I passed by to see how the pony was doing – It was laying on the ground still not dead but more than half dead. My heart sank to realize that someone could be so cruel to an animal. On Monday, I watched as the carcass was heaped onto a truck. Cannot recall seeing the young attorney.

Such cruelty. Mind you, even though I speak of the pony, I have seen dogs and even cats suffering on the road because at some point the owner decided it was “cool” to have a pet. Young man I hope you have some form of conscience and you have sat down and contemplated long and hard how you contributed directly to the death of a dumb animal which was placed in your care. What a pity.

S. Bowens