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Thanks to the heroes of Hurricane Tomas

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Editor: The passage of the recent Hurricane has left many homeless, and some without their livelihood. However, we must, as a nation, give thanks and praise to the Almighty GOD that it was not more devastating than it was. Indeed we need to look to GOD in these our challenging times.{{more}}

The experience of not having water and electricity for some days reminded me of the Haitians and how it felt, in a small way, to be enduring these hard times. The staff at the National Broadcasting Corporation must be complimented for their tireless efforts in informing the nation and facilitating calls from residents in many parts of the nation, so as to let us know what was going on. It was very encouraging to learn of the high spirits of many of our citizens and the brotherly love shown by some.

Rose Bank, my community, was not as badly damaged as some other areas. Compliments must be given to a group of young men from the village who braved the storm and went to help put blocks and other things on house roofs that were loose and likely to blow off. I must add that had it not been for these young men, the impact and damage would have been worse. These young men are indeed heroes and deserve the highest commendation. They showed true brotherly love and good community spirit (something which Rose Bank is noted for).

Regrettable was the fact that there were no emergency shelters in Rose Bank, because the community centre, which is normally a designated shelter, is in a deplorable condition. Thus we must thank God that nothing serious occured in this village, for there was no place for shelter. I do hope that the authorities will seriously look into the situation at the community centre and have the necessary repair work done and electricity restored.

The utility companies indeed must be commended, for they tried very hard to restore things to normalcy. Also BRAGSA and other individuals and groups, including NEMO, demonstrated true dedication and commitment to have the roads cleared and for life to be as comfortable as possible. We indeed witnessed, by the passing of this hurricane, that there are many Vincentians who still have brotherly love and care for one another. God will indeed bless us greatly.

Let us continue to pray for those who will be living in camps for sometime and be kind and caring to them. Today is theirs, tomorrow might be ours. Let us, therefore, love each other and work together as one people to rebuild this nation.

Thank you, and may God bless us all.

Kennard King