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NBC… Thank you very much!

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Editor: I commend the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) for keeping the nation up-to-date during and after the passage of Hurricane Tomas. Though sad, it was comforting to hear what was happening with my Vincentian brothers and sisters from different areas throughout the country.{{more}} Through NBC, they were given the opportunity to inform listeners of the situation in their home and community – damage, concerns, dangers etc.

The team at the station really did well in transmitting information concerning cancellation/postponement of events, updating our relatives in the Diaspora etc. I cannot forget the ‘on the spot’ work crew headed by Corlita Ollivierre which from time to time gave live reports, in some cases interviewing hurricane affected residents. Thank you!

Most importanty, I express gratitude to YHWH-God for sparing our lives, and I also express sympathy to all persons who have been affected in some way or another, including my own sister and family and my brother. May we all learn the lessons that God seeks to teach us through disasters like these- lessons of humility and dependence upon God, our Sovereign Ruler. And may we have genuine care and respect for each other despite our differences.

Just over a week ago, we celebrated 31 years of political independence from Britain. Many of us sang “What e’re the future brings, our faith will see through”. May we learn to depend on the living word of God( faith) in these difficult times. For it is only in doing so can we be successful. “For whosoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith” 1John 5:4. May Love inspire us all as we join our hand to build the country that we love so dear, not forgetting we must vow to keep SVG free from all anti-rights and oppressive political ideologies and behavior.

God bless our homeland with resolute God-fearing hearts. God bless all hardworking sacrificial Vincentians, home and abroad!

Ann-Marie Ballantyne
[email protected]