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Mr. Alexander, uplift the youths of SVG

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Editor: Being a long time reader of the Searchlight newspaper online, for the first time ever, I feel compelled to write a letter to the editor.

Over the years I’ve always enjoyed Mr. Alexander’s columns, but his offering for the week ending October 29, 2010, was mostly off base with regard to the youth of the nation.{{more}}

While I understand Mr. Alexander’s perspective, I find it totally amusing.

Mr. Alexander often speaks of the passing of pioneers who assisted with the development of SVG. I believe that Mr. Alexander feels that this is and was the best that this nation has to offer. It is with that mindset I take offence.There is absolutely nothing wrong with young people being given an opportunity to help in framing the future of our country. Young people are asked to go university and pursue higher education and in turn return home to help further the development of our country. While I am sure Mr. Alexander shares that sentiment, I think he should rethink his position on the bashing of young upstarts, whether in political or government institutions.

Often time, there are complaints that the young people of the country not doing enough to ensure the future growth of our country, but if we are to listen to Mr. Alexander, it will be okay just to sit back and wait until you are about 30 – 35 when you are more seasoned. This notion is totally ridiculous. I have two cousins, both doctors, who graduated from St. George’s University. Both returned home to work to help further the country’s medical services. But after a while, one got tired of the ‘sit and wait your turn’ culture, and left the country for the US. Mr. Alexander, I beg you to put aside your political biases when it comes to the upliftment of the youths of SVG.

Leslie Lawrence jr.