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Revolutionize the ‘Education Revolution’

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Editor: Let me begin by commending the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines for its attempts to introduce the ‘Education Revolution’. I find this venture necessary and appropriate for our country. What concerns me, however, are the policies/procedures as it pertains to the payment of teachers, staffing and teacher workload and teacher competencies in remedial education.{{more}}

Undoubtedly, if we expect our teachers to give of their best, like students, they, too, must be motivated to do so. Working for an entire month without a salary is not an incentive to perform at your best.

At the end of September 2010, it was reported that over 50 teachers in various educational institutions around the country did not receive a salary, some of whom were contracted by the Ministry of Education themselves.

In a particular school, 14 teachers were not paid, in another 16 teachers, and the saga continues.

I understand that this government is trying to keep the ‘boat’ afloat in these challenging economic times, but I believe

that if our resources are being depleting

or have been depleted – then common courtesy begs that these employees be called in and spoken to about the situation, so that a common ground could be established, or at least let them know

what necessary budgetary arrangements need to be made. Might I remind the public how tirelessly our teachers work to painstakingly shape the future minds of this country.

If this reality continues, I shudder to think of what might be happening in schools where the government is not the sole provider. I hope that those charged with the responsibility of executing and formulating policies regarding this revolution will have the matter rectified as soon as possible.

I understand that education is IMPORTANT, but I also believe that everyone’s SURVIVAL is as well. I am confident as always that the matter will be resolved before the end of this month.

John Simpleman