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Prime Minister Ralph Dr. Gonsalves is my friend

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Editor: I expressed how and what I think about Dr. Gonsalves’ leadership in my last letter. Persons met and shared their comment about my opinion; most of them agreed with me in terms of Dr. Ralph Gonsalves’ leadership. They asked lots of question about the Prime Minister’s attitude towards me. Let it be known that I respect our Prime Minister.{{more}} I made myself a promise that I must pay attention to him, all because he is Prime Minister. That’s why I’m critical of him. If you don’t believe me, ask Andrew Simmons. Our Prime Minister made and continues to make mistakes (think about some of his comments) and must be criticized.

While I am critical of him, he should take it for what it worth and stop thinking that persons who criticize him are against him. We are all humans and are subject to making mistakes, so when I criticize you about things, that doesn’t mean that I don’t support you. Build on our concern and you will do better.

Dr. Gonsalves, you are sitting as Prime Minister for the past nine years. When you took office you were the right person at that time, but it’s time for you to go. You tried your best and for that we thank you.

Mr. Eustace is accusing you of mismanagement, NCB selling 51% of its shares, Vincentians are concerned. Financing of the airport; the economy, crime, unemployment, poverty and decline in agriculture; tourism, the off shore sector and health care are aspects Vincentians complain about.

Prime Minister, take note, it’s your responsibility to try and build on these things which affect us. If you want a third term, try with these sectors which it appears that the Unity Labour Party is lacking in. Remember things are not so bad, according to you. Why poor people crying out for help? Persons like Sean Marshall, Ces McKie, Elson Crick, OB Browne and Cecil Ryan keep telling you what they think you want to hear.

Prime Minister, stop listening to them.

I am the voice of the poor: those who can build or break you. Our relationship has declined all because I’m critical of you. Let me remind you, Prime Minister, you are the Master of criticism. I’m looking forward to the friendship we once had.

Kingsley DeFreitas