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I am left with little choice

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Editor: The election campaigning is swinging into high gear, and once the main two political parties are on the road. Though the Green Party is expected to contest the election, there are few who would doubt that their presence would not influence the results one way or the other. The choice is, therefore, between the ULP and the NDP. Though the choice may appear simple, there is a lot at stake.{{more}}

I must commend the ULP for presenting a very good slate of candidates. Despite what is being said about one or two of them being too young, I am convinced that they are capable of delivering. When I look at candidates like Luke Browne, Frederick Stephenson and Elvis Charles, I am convinced that they are genuine in their cause, and it is not about them. Incidentally, I happen to feel the same way about Dr. Godwin Friday. I am so happy that very little of Sir James Mitchell rubbed off on him. There are others that can be mentioned, but I singled out those.

As I mentioned, Sir James Mitchell, I must ask why is the NDP insisting on having him on the platform? The more I hear from him is the more I am convinced that he is simply not getting enough sleep. This is a new era, and if the NDP is serious about governance, then he should be left in his bed. I must also say that I take exception to Mr. Hull being offered as a candidate, at least not in these times. I am sure the NDP can find a better candidate. He should be rejected each time he goes to the poll until the party gets the message.

Finally, the international airport has reached a stage that it has to be completed, whether we support it or not. I am not convinced that the NDP is willing to complete it. Their utterances are only words for the political ears. Even though they may be willing, I do not think they would be able to. Therefore, I am left with little choice in the upcoming elections even though I have some concerns with the ULP.