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More signs of Eustace’s weakness as a leader

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Editor: Break the Law, breach the code of conduct that guides you in your profession, behave like a political prostitute and “jagabat” and you will be embraced by Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace.{{more}}

Given the offensive and insubordinate conduct of Anesia Baptiste, Otto Sam, Junior Bacchus, Margaret London, etc, and the fact that they are now senior operatives in Eustace’s party, speak volumes about the opportunism exercised by Eustace and these individuals. It goes to the heart of Eustace’s lack of leadership.

If Eustace were Prime Minister of our country, would he encourage the public behaviour of a Senior Civil Servant like Anesia Baptiste? Should he have placed her in a senior executive position in his party, while she is under suspension for insubordination and breach of the SVG Public Servant’s Code of Conduct?

Why is Mr. Eustace condoning and supporting Margaret London in her insane Behaviour? It has been said on radio that London was transferred to the nursing field. It appears she is a qualified nurse. Now London, it is alleged, goes to work, preaches politics on the job all day and wears a uniform bearing her party colours, rather than the uniform of the nursing profession. She (London) continues to publicly traduce the Prime Minister on an hourly basis – on the job, on the streets and on radio.

Then there is Otto Sam, a former “school teacher” who takes to the NDP political platform (in the presence of the man who will be Prime Minister) and in the most vulgar manner, curses the Prime Minister of the country.

Now we must remember these three (above named) individuals are all still public servants. Yet, they seem to be aided and abetted by Eustace, to behave in ways unbecoming the office of public servants. These I place in the offensive opportunists category.

Then there are the “political prostitutes” and cuss birds like those operating on Nice Radio. Why in the name of decency and good leadership is Mr. Eustace supporting the fish market nonsense that these individuals utter to pollute the airwaves and embarrass listeners at home and abroad? Does Arnhim Eustace have no shame?

Mr. Eustace has every right to seek to become Prime Minister of SVG. However, he does not have the right to use “any means necessary” to achieve his misguided goal.

No Leader of the Opposition or Prime Minister should be supporting behaviour that can only lead to anarchy in our society.

The NDP should follow the lead of the Barbados Labour Party and find an effective leader. Arnhim Eustace is a weak leader. He will never cut it as Prime Minister of SVG.

The New Democratic Party will NEVER win an election with Eustace as party leader.

T. Wade Kojo Williams, Snr.