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Is Louis Straker going to South Leeward?



EDITOR: Is it really true or is it just rumours? Am I hearing that the ULP wants Sir Louis Straker to run in South Leeward? And Louis has agreed to this madness? What could possibly be the rationale?{{more}}

Louis has done four terms in office already and has lost popularity in his constituency. How then can he run in another constituency in which he is even more unpopular? And by the way, isn’t it time for him to take a well deserved rest from active politics as he himself suggested?

This is the toughest election the ULP will ever face and we must be wise in the candidate selection process. South Leeward is a constituency that prefers to have candidates who were born and bred in the constituency and who can appeal to the youth. Running a candidate who does not reside in the constituency and only known in a small area, is therefore a suicidal move.

Don’t you think it would be more prudent to have candidates endorsed by the constituents? After all, we are the ones that hold the power in our votes. I am convinced that Louis cannot motivate disgruntled supporters to go to the polls.

We can see Louis mentoring a young vibrant candidate, not the other way around. We envision the South Leeward candidate as a youthful, generous, vivacious, sociable, assertive, action-oriented person (we have already identified the young man), to counteract the weak, imcompetent, lazy candidate being offered by the NDP.