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Keep up the good work

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Tue, Oct 19, 2010

Editor: I have been reading the newspapers of St. Vincent and The Grenadines for 45 years, going back to the days of Nora Peacock; I have lived here, on and off, for 15 years. In all that time, it is rare that I have come across as well edited an issue as yours of Friday, October 15.{{more}}

It was the letters you published that first impressed me. Hundreds of letters must be sent to every paper on the island every week. The editorial scrutiny is time consuming and the selection critical to the integrity of any newspaper. The published letters should be brief, well written and closely reasoned. It was honorable that you printed Han King’s response to Dr. Fraser, despite its lamentable tone of voice. The Dr.’s original column was phrased in a serious and carefully considered manner. The response was antagonistic, sarcastic and hostile, but no matter, you printed it. I did not altogether agree with the letter on corporal punishment, but it was germane to a current issue, articulate, and sensible.

The letter concerning the rights of persons with disabilities was well written, deserving of attention, and demanding of an appropriate response.

In terms of form, structure, clarity, and relevance, few letters you have published have been up to the level of “No need to increase constituencies”. It is a model of clarity and succinctness.

My only criticism of Bassy’s column is that it lacked the usual genius of punning and wordplay that I look forward to every week. The topic was sensitively and sympathetically dealt with.

The “Doing more with less” contributions should be read and heeded by everyone: it is not just in these tough times and only here in St. Vincent and The Grenadines that such advice is applicable. Kudos for printing this. I’ll clip and send to my children.

Your “Flack/Flak” piece was OK, and I am glad for the weekly piece, but you’ve done better in the past.

Finally, your “Hope and faith” editorial was timely and not overwrought, as many on the same topic have been. Your restraint and elegance are appreciated.

Parenthetically, allow me to comment on a recent observation by Minister of Tourism Beache. He objected to a taxi driver expressing a negative view on some aspect of perceived government policy. Taxi drivers around the world are noted for being founts of individual opinion. They cannot and should not be restrained, most certainly not by governmental regulation. They may be our last bastion of unfettered free speech.

Keep up the good work; it does not go unappreciated.

A reader