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Journalists need to do more investigative work, not just report


Fri, Oct 15, 2010

Editor: The Evangelical Association and those involved in bringing Danielle Williams to these shores to share her
testimony must be congratulated and encouraged. It shows that the church is indeed alive and well.{{more}}

Editor, this country is in need of good investigative reporters and journalists. The issue of the National Commercial Bank (NCB) should not be left up to the politicians to give their side of the issue, while the papers must be complimented for allowing both parties to give their side of the story according to how they want it to be viewed. However, we should have had journalists and reporters who do their own investigation and thus give an unbiased side of it. There are other stories such as the boy who drank gramoxone and the drowning at Stubbs and at Mount Pleasant and other stories also lacked investigative reporting. For if proper investigative work was done, we the readers would have been given a more balanced view.

I realize it takes time and lots of effort in doing investigation. But I am confident that if we have investigative reporting and journalism that we would have a more informed nation. Far too often we are left without enough information and thus it creates lots of misinformation, and false comments.

I know we have journalists that are intelligent and mean well, but it is time to lift the journalistic work by having investigative journalists and reporters. Thank you.

Kennard King