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Pay heed to each child’s complaint


Tue, Oct 12, 2010

Editor: I wish to express my deepest concern over the recent 11-year-old who committed suicide. My deepest condolences to the surviving relatives. What a pity that someone so young has decided to end his life! Obviously, the youngster was under some pressure serious enough that made him contemplate suicide and carry it out.{{more}} What will we learn from this? Let’s hope that such NEVER happens again.

Points for us to keep in mind:

1. Never treat lightly a youngster or anyone stating that he/she will drink gramoxone. Address the matter IMMEDIATELY.

Youths, please do not ever think about committing suicide regardless of the pressures you may face. Suicide is NEVER the answer. Respect the body and life that God gave you. If under pressure, please seek the help of a respected member in the community; maybe a leader, teacher, nurse, policeman/policewoman, or your own parent(s) if appropriate. Tell him/her what is going on in your life and plead, yes, plead with him/her to help you. If thoughts of suicide enter your mind, tell the person that. At the same time, get the suicide thought OUT of your mind right away and try as hard as ever to keep it out. Schoolchildren, if you hear a child says that he will kill himself, tell it to a teacher or the principal right away. Don’t wait. Do it IMMEDIATELY.

2. Parents, please listen to your children. Spend time with them. Treat them well. Never physically, emotionally, or sexually abuse them, either by words or actions.

Parents, communicate with your children regularly. Let them tell you what they are going through at home, school or anywhere else. Help them where needed. DO NOT shun them. Learn from what happened to the 11-year-old boy. By words and actions, show that you really love them.

3. Teachers, listen to ANY child who complains about bullying at school. Do not show favouritism on the basis of a child’s social standing. Each child is handmade by the Almighty God. (Revelation 4:11) Treat each child in a fair manner.

Yes teachers. I have watched different TV channels (USA) that showed a number of complaints made where either surviving classmates or parents stated that the suicide victims had made complaints to teachers and principals about bullying and they were never taken seriously. Let’s prevent that from happening here. Teachers and principals, pay heed to each child’s complaint and endeavour to address it instantly.

4. Parents, please keep all poisonous chemicals COMPLETELY out of reach of your children. If possible, keep them in a locked cupboard or room where you alone can enter when you are ready to use them; then lock the room after exiting.

Gramoxone, Touchdown, Roundup, or any other poisonous chemical, must be kept away from all-age children. Protect your children. They are your God-given inheritance. (Psalms 127:3)

Deeply Concerned,
Simeon James