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How many people do you hope to influence?

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Tue, Oct 5, 2010

EDITOR: I am writing from the island called “Backwardness”, so I hope I make enough sense to be published.

I listen to STAR RADIO on week days and on Wednesday nights. This shouldn’t be news. After all I am a card carrying member of the party that owns the station. Perhaps then you will be surprised to learn that I listen simply out of curiosity and not out of allegiance to the party whose interests the station promotes.{{more}}

On weekday mornings, I tune in to hear the one I choose to call the brief catcher type comedian pounce on every catchy phrase in a vain attempt to promote his party’s cause. Come on Seon! If you are turning off intelligent ULP members like me, just imagine NDP supporters and other persons not particularly connected to any of the parties.

Wednesday night is a story by itself. Audrey Gittens, Scott Gilkes, Joy Matthews and the other lady (don’t quite get her name), seem to have as their mantra the much vaunted Education Revolution. Unfortunately, the revolution seem not to have reached three of its most vocal supporters. Recently my teenage daughter asked me how I managed to listen “them ignorant people dey”. She asked for a call to tell them how foolish they were, but I advised her not to join the bandwagon. No need to add another to the ranks of the stupid. Come education soldiers, how many people do you hope to influence to vote ULP? Or are you just interested in hearing your own unpleasant voices in the hallowed echo chamber of the ULP? Surely Joy, Audrey and the next woman can’t bring one vote to the ULP, so perhaps the fact that they are allowed to continue their IGNORANCE is an indication that ULP has no intentions of winning the elections by winning over people.

I ponder the question, who is the smart Alec who allows Seon Marshal to conduct the “Morning Scoop” hoping that it will bring some support? Certainly, if the party in power needs a person to be an advertisement of the good, it has done, Seon cannot be the one; Audrey Scott is out by a long stretch. The second most vocal lady on woman’s viewpoint is a no ball in the cricket game of politics, and of JOY MATTHEWS perhaps the less said the better. I still have that picture of her holding up that poster in front of the Financial Complex and I wonder what has changed.

Star Radio’s talk-show hosts are doing more damage to the ULP than NDP, but the naked emperors who control are so wrapped in their own folly that they will not listen to a young child or a little old woman, at least not this time around.

Learned Helpless