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Let’s get back Together Now!


Fri, Oct 1, 2010
Editor: The political situation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is quite tense. Vincentians are looking forward to the next general elections that are constitutionally due before the end of March next year. Never in my life have I seen so many people awaiting a general election, as they are now.{{more}} There have been numerous calls for fresh elections, even after the first day when the present administration took office. It now seems that the Vincentian people, whether supportive of the governing party or the opposition party, want to go to the polls either to vote for a change in government, or to affirm their commitment to the governing party by giving it a new and clean mandate to rule.

However, one thing is clearly bothering many Vincentians, it is the issue of the political division and political rift that currently exist.There is a split in the country. It is almost like a tribal war. It is clearly a story of Israel and Palestine being played out on Vincentian soil.

When our Prime Minister look office some nine years ago, he told the Vincentian people that Labour had won the election, but it was “Together Now”. I remember that was a popular saying. The nation was at ease. They thought that we would have a government that was transparent and had no preference nor ill will towards anyone, even if you did not support them. The theme “Together Now” came on the tail of a long battle, after the Vincentian people demanded fresh elections in 2001, after blocking streets in order to defend our democracy as some would have called it back then. The country was divided and it was the intention of whomever got into office to bring together the Vincentian people.

So what has gone wrong? Nine years after, the Vincentian people still remain divided and this division is clearly seen in our daily lives. No longer are we being classified in St. Vincent and the Grenadines as mainland people or Grenadines people; as black, brown skinned or white people; as country people and town people, but we are given a political stamp. We are now NDP and ULP.

This practice must stop. It is time for us to go on as a nation, as a united St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where all Vincentians can work together for the development and interest of this small isle, regardless of political choice.

The politicians have a great deal to play in ensuring that this is achieved after the elections, but they must be careful of what they say on the platforms, because they can divide people even without wanting to do so intentionally, although some tend do so without caring for the unity of our people. They need to instill in the people to choose country and vote on issues instead of party. The radio talk shows also have a big part to play in this healing process in getting the people together now. They are the ones who constantly provide a medium for people to be divided instead of built.

It is important as we face one of the most important general elections in the Vincentian history, one which comes on the heels of a defeated referendum, one that comes in troubling economic times, one that comes when the international airport is of major concern, that we rally together as a Vincentian people aiming for productivity and distinction in our dear Vincentian civilization.

It is not an easy task, but let us work together now to preserve the Vincentian pride.

Vincentian Citizen