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No international airport under NDP

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Tue, Sept 28, 2010

EDITOR: Would the real Arnhim Eustace please stand up and break away from the shackles of mental suppression? Would he liberate himself from those who are engaged in Adolf Hitler’s tactic of using subliminal messages of fear to confuse and suppress our people into a state of pessimism? His political consultants are involved on mind bending which result in amnesia and confusion.{{more}} Even the blind are able to see and feel a big switch and flip flop in Eustace’s position which indicates political expediency.

Mr. Eustace is all over the place and there is no consistency in his empty rhetoric. He has flip flapped on the issues of the construction of the largest capital project in our country’s history, the international airport. Arnhim stated clearly in an interview with Jerry George, I am paraphrasing, “Where would I get the money to continue with the airport? The traditional friends are not lending assistance and the European Union would not assist. So where I would get the money from?” That speaks for itself. End of story. “No international airport under the NDP.” A few days after, Arnhim received the scolding of his life; he tried to do damage control and still could not explain himself.

James Mitchell’s choice for leader, Linton Lewis, had to save him by saying, “The NDP will investigate and study the airport to determine continuation.” Would the real leader of the NDP please stand up? Is it James Mitchell, Arnhim Eustace, Linton Lewis and Friday? Leacock could not make the list. Only over Mitchell’s dead body would he be elevated to that position.

Arnhim also flip flapped on the issues of Alba. His chanting hallucinating mouth stated all forms of evil against Alba: “Alba is socialism”, “Alba is devil”, implying Alba is the worst foreign agreement we have yet. Still, Arnhim stood in Parliament and stated that they on the opposition have no problem with the $50 million dollars that the Prime Minister and leadership of the ULP got from Alba. Mr. Eustace said the money would go towards the international airport and public sector project because most of the loan is in the form of grant. Also remember the leader and leadership of the NDP is saying that the international airport is a military base. If the international airport is a military base why support funding from the country you are accusing of building a military base at Argyle.

Would the real Arnhim please stand up and explain if he would still unsign Alba and petro Carib? This is the biggest flip-flop, I heard in our country’s political history. He reminds me of John Kerry, the democratic presidential candidate in 2004. How could you be a Mr. Clean and be so unpatriotic, pessimistic and indecisive?

Would you please apologize to the people of St. Vincent for insighting fear in them and misleading them? Also, please do a thorough research on international relations.

Concerned Citizen