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Let’s have an all encompassing and real Education Revolution

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Tue, Sept 28, 2010

Editor: It is with glee that I write you this brief article for publication. Recently, I read of an initiative by the Barbados Government to offer loans to Part-time and Online students of the University of the West Indies (UWI). The current Vincentian Government has been pursuing a policy referred to as the “Education Revolution”, however the Revolution has by virtue of a non-inclusive approach rendered a large per cent of “want to be higher educated”, helpless and destined to remain lower educated.{{more}}

There are those who cannot afford or qualify for a “special student” loan and others who would prefer to stay home, work and study, while looking after their affairs. These persons have been been rendered under-privileged by the system’s policy and approach. Is the current administration and the future one thinking of offering student loans to UWI students who are online and part-time?

I know of current UWI students who are currently struggling immeasurably to complete BSc and MSc degrees on their government salary with no help, all in the hope of improving their lot. I do not expect the government to just “stand” there and do nothing to help these persons of initiative. There persons are not only improving themselves, but also the lot of our fair State. I would like to see the administration do more. Let’s have an all encompassing and real Education Revolution.

It’s obvious that there are overwhelming and beneficial reasons why pursuing a policy of lending to UWI Part-time and Online students can be beneficial to all parties involved: students, government, the country, the UWI and the Caribbean region of course, so I will not say more.

I would like to encourage the current and future administrations to exploit this opportunity to enhance our country’s greatest asset. Doing so can lead only to benefits for all in the future.