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We are not going back there


Fri, Sept 24, 2010

Editor: There is no denying that we are now truly into the election season. The two major political parties are holding meetings throughout the country trying to sell their messages. Coming out of the referendum, most felt that the NDP had a momentum that would have propelled them into office at the next general elections, but it seems that this momentum is waning.{{more}} The NDP has now come to the realization that it has a real battle on its hands, and so does the ULP.

Somehow, I get the impression that Vincentians are not ready to vote the NDP back into office, but some of the actions of the ruling ULP government are causing them to contemplate it. The NDP’s problems are being compounded by the vocal nature of the former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell, who is now trying to climb through the window after being thrown out the door. I know he may say he was not rejected at the polls, but he knew that it was coming. Let’s face it, the return of the NDP is the return of Sir James, a thought we simply cannot entertain. The NDP needs to rid itself of this guy once and for all.

Most Vincentians do not have a problem with the overall performance

of the ULP administration, but have issues with some aspects of the governance of the country. The ULP cannot just sweep them under the carpet and believe that all is well. These concerns must be addressed and the people given certain assurances with some concrete actions. Vincentians want to have a say in the governance of the country.

As for Sir James, this country has moved on beyond him. Therefore, he needs to come to terms with that. We are simply not going back there.