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Has Eustace grown in the past seven years?


Fri, Sept 24, 2010

Editor: It’s amazing how Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace can grow up in seven years. Please see below this article published in one of our newspapers by Otto Sam on Friday, June 6th, 2003.

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Eustace lives up to expectations

Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace has once again lived up to his billing and true expectations. When this “distinguished son” of the Caribbean civilisation boycotted the National Day of Prayer and slammed the Christian Council under the guise of principle, his arrogance, ignorance, immaturity, recklessness and pre-civilized behaviour went nude as it always is.{{more}}

Mr. Editor, ‘Bassy’ Alexander, a columnist who strives to be balanced, was clinical and spot on in his subsection “About Dat Deafening Silence”, in which he reminded Arnhim that the Christian Council has been silent for seventeen years including the infamous Pension and Gratuity Bill which this so-called “principled” and “clean” son piloted.

I wish to inform Mr. Eustace that not only on those occasions was the Christian Council silent, but it was silent when the fishing trawlers were priced above the heads of fisherfolks then reduced to apparently facilitate an advisor purchasing them. The Council was also silent when Ministers and senior NDP supporters got 40 cents a square foot lands and silent about Sir James, head of the government and senior statesman, fathered a child out of wedlock. Why didn’t Mr. Eustace take a principled position and resign then?

However, what is disturbing is when the editor of a newspaper called Mr. Eustace’s position a “principled” one. Where has the Opposition Leader gotten this principle? Just read Bassy and all that principle would have evaporated. And about the notion that he did not exhort his supporters to boycott and he is a Christian is naïve, boring and apologetic and reminds one of the “overratedness” about Mr. Eustace being clean and principled. Isn’t it still believed that action speaks louder than words? So, if he boycotts and takes issue with the Council, isn’t that enough for his supporters to follow? And why burden the reader with the excuse/fairness that the guy is Christian? As asked by Bassy, what is wrong if the Prime Minister suggested a day of prayer and fasting when the said Prime Minister would designate such days for every other thing? Isn’t it time for us to stop hiding behind friendship and class and be precise in our callings? Indeed, De Comrade has always shown an inclination to the spiritual side by having Gospel artistes on ULP’s election campaigns and Second Annual Celebration, Joseph Niles, Carlene Davis, King Obstinate and a number of local artistes, so what’s new, if as Prime Minister, he perceives a certain problem and designates a day of prayer.

In slamming the Christian Council and boycotting the National Day of Prayer, Mr. Eustace has once again demonstrated his arrogance, insensitivity, immaturity and “leadershiplessness”. He is totally unfit to lead!

The evidence is clear – Eustace’s following and support for a regime which embraced the Ottley Hall scam, sweetheart deals on lands for Ministers and supporters, the Adamas affair and he, the honest gentleman himself, piloting a Pension and Gratuity Bill to give millions of dollars to Ministers and their wives after just telling Civil Servants that money does not grow on trees and the economy cannot afford more than a ten percent increase.

Therefore, Mr. Eustace should be seen for what he really is – an arrogant, insensitive and immature individual – and his slamming of the Christian Council and boycott of the National Day of Prayer are characteristics of the real Arnhim. Yes, the guy is living up to his billing.

Otto Sam