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Dinky yet to attend North Central Windward meet


Tue, Sept 21, 2010

EDITOR: I am writing to update the public on the Cameron “Dinky” Balcombe, North Central Windward flight that seem to have gone overboard. It was recorded that a tribunal was set to meet in session with the parties concerned on Thursday, September 2, 2010.{{more}}

Although the NDP staged a protest against the Boundaries Commission expected meeting on that day, the tribunal session still went ahead as planned.

However, Cameron sent in a sick report in which the meeting was put off to Wednesday, September 8, 2010. Once again another sick report was sent in. The meeting was asked to be put off.

But angry members with love in their heart for the NDP understood the delay tactics and turned up at the meeting place. Two of the top members of the Party were there and the North Central Windward team vented their inner selves.

The team went back to NCW to do some investigation and to continue political works for the NDP. The meeting is still pending.

One may ask who is the alternative, especially one who will keep the PM at home: Two males and two females have been identified. One of the males can keep the PM on his back foot and cause him to kick down his wicket. But he and the captain will have to go in the dressing room and box one another, and then hug each other before he gets pick on the side.

There are circumstances surrounding the other male who it is claimed could keep the PM from scoring much and possible could lick out his center stump.

The two females are weak but can keep their wicket.

In the mean time while the constituency division, members and supporters of the NDP of North Central Windward continue to exercise our democracy, we will welcome anyone who wishes to be a candidate in this constituency to write to the general secretary, cc to the NCW N.D.P CD.

We anticipate the possibility of candidate drop out on nomination day. We want a candidate who we can sit down with and formulate a constituency plan that may spill off to a National Plan. We will continue to update you.

Newton George