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We should think about others too

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Fri, Sept 17, 2010

Editor: Famous words of our leader: “Never before in the history of this country – it’s another first.”

Never before have we experienced fear and psychological fear in this land like these times, and this fear keeps on growing as we get closer to the General Elections. But the greater fear is the fear of a violent election campaign.{{more}}

This can be caused by the incitement of words used in statements and actions by leaders and followers. As people go about silently, blindly and slowly along this road, they don’t see the blood of this little Island where everybody seems to know everybody and it seems like we are all related until it’s too late, when what’s done cannot be undone. Let us think not just of ourselves, but of others also and in whatsoever way we can help our family. Let the politicians fight against each other, while the people love each other.

What have we the people got to lose and what do the politicians and parties have to lose if they lose an election? I boast that this is the last Island love, so even though we are influenced or controlled internationally, we are going to show them that this little land can have elections that are violence free.

Let us not disappoint ourselves.

A voice of Rastafari