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How we see it – A message from the people


Fri, Sept 17, 2010

Editor: Success in any field is measured by the ability of people to live their dreams and to make their lives better. However, we the people find that there are many opportunists in government who believe that once their political party goes into power, it is time for them and their family to eat big food and starve poor people more.{{more}}

When you talk about good governance, political monopoly control does not improve the delivery of good service to poor people of this country and their community. We the people find that the system which deals with the delivery of basic service for the people needs fixing. From what we poor people see, the millions of dollars which come into our country and which go towards the development of the country and the upliftment of poor people and their community end up going right into the pockets and secret bank accounts of politicians. Given the millions of dollars which our country receives, no politician cannot tell poor people that they don’t eat big time because we know that once the cake is sliced, every one of those representatives gets their cut and share equally.

According to the referendum, from what we see, this present government is on its way out because they have faltered, and what went wrong under this present government cannot be made right under the next government. What is being proposed here is for the next government to make room for the poor man and woman of this country who are struggling to stay alive.

We the people need for these ministers and area representatives of the different constituencies to give us an update every six months concerning their work and upliftment that they have done for poor people and the community.

We don’t want to hear that you paint a school here and patch a road there. We want proper representation with a six-month update so that we the people of these said communities can determine who is suited for those respective positions or who needs to go.

Poor People Manifesto