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‘Don’t allow them to work obeah with your minds’.


Fri, Sept 17, 2010


Editor: The National Association of S.V.G. very concerned about the article which appeared under the title “Save Democracy for just $5.00” by Ajay Waghray on the 4th August 2010 (the official blog of Dynamo Lab) and the appeal of the Opposition Party (New Democratic Party) for $5.00 to save Democracy.{{more}}

The question which naturally arises is “Save Democracy” from what? In our view, democracy is alive and well in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Soon there will be general elections in St Vincent and the Grenadines. We have not heard of any government’s attempts to set aside our Constitution which guarantees the democratic process. Our legal system protects our constitutional rights and we know of no case where there has been an attempt to interfere with legal process in matters of constitutional rights or otherwise.

Through modern technology, we are able to listen to radio programmes in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Everyday we can hear ordinary citizens expressing their views on various matters through these programmes. Therefore, we ask: What is it that the NDP wishes to save our Democracy from? If the NDP wishes to raise funds it must do so without having to engage in falsity and devaluation of our Democracy.

Of greater concern to us is the interference by external forces such as Dynamo Labs and other agencies mentioned in the Prime Minister’s open letter to the people of the Caribbean. None of these agencies really has the interests of St Vincent and the Grenadines at heart. Strategic Communications Laboratories (SCL), for example, makes it clear that they are engaged in “mind bending for political purposes”. Why is the NDP associated with this organisation?

We as a nation do not require “mindbenders”. Our Democracy must be sustained by reason and principles and not through mind bending by outsiders or anyone else. It is wholly unacceptable that the NDP should seek to associate with such organisations, and even worse to engage others like Dynamo Lab in what they term “save our Democracy”. One sure way of destroying our Democracy is to engage outside “mindbenders” rather than the application of reason among our people.

We have read the Prime Minister’s open letter and we agree that his government has strengthened our democracy. It is unfortunate that the NDP should resort to fundraising through false claims about our Democracy.

Two further points need to be mentioned. The first is the reference to the airport in which the Prime Minister refers to Copp’s statement that “the airport is being built at all costs” and “selling the country’s treasures”. The reference to the country’s treasures being lands in Bequia. This is the sort of nonsense which should not be tolerated by Vincentians. The airport is needed in St Vincent and the Grenadines. It is needed by all our nationals. We simply cannot develop a tourism industry without an international airport. This airport is for the benefit of all Vincentians and, without any reservations, we support its construction.

The second point is the image of our country. Does the NDP really think that tourists would consider visiting a country where its “Democracy needs saving”? A vast number of our tourists come from democratic States. In presenting such an image of St Vincent and the Grenadines, we can only conclude that the NDP wants to destroy our Tourist Industry.

This article is written because we love our country. We do not need malicious foreign interference. Let reason be our guide and not “mind bending” agents. Our Democracy is not for sale at $5.00 or any amount of dollars. Vincentians will not tolerate any party which, in the quest for power at any cost, associates itself with malicious foreign agents who have no interests in our freedom and our democracy.

Signed :

Lennox DaSilva Chair, National Executive of SVG Associations

Chair, SVG Association – Birmingham

Vibert Cornwall Chair, SVG Association – Coventry

Sebert Graham President, WMCO – (High Wycombe) on behalf of

Wendy Sampson Chair, WMCO – (High Wycombe)

Jacqueline Roberts Chair, SV2G (High Wycombe)

Norris Bullock Chair, SVG Association – Luton

Denzil Winsborrow Chair, New SVG Association – London

Gloria Jack Chair, SVG Association – Reading