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Alba’s socialism is the debate


Fri, Jul 09, 2010Editor: The efforts to distract from the real issue on Socialism which threatens to raise its bloody, anti-rights and freedoms head in SVG are so self-defeating that those who make them expose their obvious political bias, completely missing the mark of the issue.{{more}} This is done under the guise of “enlarging” the debate, some plainly say end it and others seek to change it altogether. None take the time to address the Bicentennial Manifesto of Caracas and its Socialism expressed therein. They

all fail to tackle ALBA’s Socialism, which is what the debate is about, nothing else! None seem bothered about the manifesto’s contents. Ask them if they even read it and they might tell you they have not “even bothered to read it”, as I heard one of them say on TV. Talk about stultified (deadened/clouded) senses and rational!

So when George John, in the Searchlight of June 18, 2010, rambles on about different mix of Socialism and the need to determine which mix we should have and where “the state should advance or retreat”, when he quotes PM Gonsalves famous Bible text of late about how he considers the poor and that is what Socialism does, he should know that his garbage piled up in the press will be cleaned away with facts that stick to the issue. He ought to know that he will not escape with such Ralph rhetoric, because I have to seriously wonder if George John even really exists. And his blasphemy is like unto the PM who dared to declare socialism to be Christianity in action. Now its “Social democracy is Christianity in action”. Christianity is neither a political nor an economic system, so you could forget it! Furthermore, Jesus Christ and the spreading of his gospel were nowhere on Joseph Stalin’s mind and agenda when he joined the “Social Democratic Labour party” in Russia-Stalin who was Socialist leader in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Oh Ohhhh…did we just hear Socialist/Communist Stalin belonged to a Social Democratic party? Newsflash! All are the same, and Vincentians are not “dunce, empty and backward”, Mr. Prime Minister.

Explain why

Do all a favour, George, and tell the PM to come clean. Tell him to explain why the Manifesto he signed in which ALBA declares it is advancing on the road to Socialism embodies Venezuela and Cuba, which have records of anti-rights and freedoms abuses of their people. Ask him why Castro’s officials forced the “ladies in white” off the streets where they were peacefully protesting for 7 years against the imprisonment of their sons and husbands. Some consideration for the poor! Then ask him why Chavez impoverishes the judge-Justice Afiuni, by influencing her arrest and imprisonment because he did not like her verdict. Ask him why Chavez asks young military men to be ready to take up arms and fight for their socialist revolution, why they must be prepared to die for Socialism is to give life to/consider the poor? EH?

Then, George, ask him why the manifesto on ALBA’s socialism is so anti the USA? Why SVG is involved in that when we signing agreements with the USA to get help with fighting illegal drugs etc? Ask why the manifesto says we will fight against foreign interventionism and war by the empire (the USA)? Is the USA planning to fight SVG? Or does ALBA plan to have Grenada typed revolutions and they want to make sure no intervention like what the USA did in Grenada in 1983, could take place when they’re ready? Ask yourself, George! Ask the ‘poor-considerer’ why SVG going to waste resources, as a part of ALBA, to study the USA and what ALBA claims to be its anti-rights abuses, when ALBA Countries abusing their Countrymen’s human rights, like the poor workers at the Owia site who lost their jobs they were trained to do, just because powerful people at the head feel others should have their jobs instead. Consideration for the poor, George? Is Ms. Baptiste rich, George? that she should be put on half pay when she didn’t steal flash drives, but the person who did still working?

We are no fools with you

We are signing OECS Treaty, but ALBA Manifesto says we must accelerate the implementation of the SUCRE and the bank of ALBA, because remember ALBA is all about “anti-imperialism” so it must fade out this US dollar thing, right? How SVG implementing another currency George? I had to guard my grandmother tea from the cobwebs in the roof at the hospital where she lay, the other day. You think consideration for the poor could be shown by spending to clean a place that should nurture you back to health? You think some of the benches with no back in the schools and some of the roofs leaking could have been fixed by some of the 4 million spent in referendum campaign? Consideration for poor? Rubbish! Give us all a break and stick to the issue of ALBA’s Socialism revealed in the manifesto. We are no fools with you, so save your intellectual mumbo jumbo for those who think you bright! Your conversation exposes your attempt to deceive and mock us. Poor people of this Country might be poor, but we are sure not damned (condemned) stupid and we are not fooled!

Soooo Vexed!

Anesia O. Baptiste