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Public Service vehicles with no regard for the public


Tue, Jun 29, 2010

Editor: On Sunday, June 20, 2010 at 12:10 p.m. I stood in the vicinity of the new Questelles Police Station. I heard the screeching of tyres as a silver/grey rental mini van RS_ _ _ accelerating at high speed around the curve before the police station from the Leeward side heading toward Kingstown.{{more}}

Sure enough, the driver lost control on the wet road. I watched in horror as a young child heading to meet her uncle who was standing on the dirt sidewalk adjacent the police station, as the vehicle veered heading toward them.

The scream from the child’s mother caused the child to stand still while her uncle climbed the metal rail of the barricade surrounding the police station. The vehicle collided with the second pillar from the police station’s exit directly below the gentleman’s feet. Thank God that man was alert as his wife shouted for him to watch out! The child’s father who stood nearby was understandably upset. What made me irate, was when the driver, instead of apologizing to the gentleman for his recklessness, was more concerned about any damage to the vehicle. The driver drove off in less than three minutes as persons in authority approached. I wondered why! I hope he would be cautioned about his reckless driving since he was recognised.

Irate Bystander

P.S.: That curve has been the scene of numerous vehicular accidents due to loss of control over the past two years.