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Karib Cable, for now, you’ve lost a customer

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Fri, Jun 25, 2010

Editor: I look on in amazement each day at the long lines in front of Karib Cable’s Office. People are rushing to get their boxes. These boxes supposedly contain the epitome of television entertainment.{{more}} We now have digital Cable programming. Why am I not excited like the masses who throng to Karib Cable each day and who proudly walk the street with the coveted box? The answer is simple. I see the big picture that most do not, and that is we are being severely overcharged for this service.

Their system reminds me of another monopoly which mercilessly milked the cash out of Vincentians until the entrance of a competitor. This one time monopoly now offers to the consumer a much better service than it had during their monopolistic reign. Enter Karib Cable, the big bad monopoly on Cable. We have to buy a box for each TV that we have in the home. I have no problem with that. I understand that they are not free. One has to pay Karib Cable an additional $10.00 for each box in the home so that in my case I have three televisions so I have to cough up an additional 20.00 per month for the service. This is exactly where I part company with Karib Cable. Charge me for the box, charge me for a package, two packages, even three, but I see no reason why I should pay for the boxes and then pay for them monthly. That is in my opinion a case of double charging, much akin to Cable and Wireless’ extra charge for having more than one telephone on the same line years ago. What is the additional charge for? Is it costing Karib Cable anything extra if I have 3 boxes in my home on the same line? I believe the answer is no. So until that issue is cleared up, you have lost a customer. Karib Cable, I am not going to come in for that box. You may laugh when you read this, thinking that I am a lone voice crying in the wilderness. I know that soon the novelty will wear off and Vincentians will wake up and smell the coffee, soon there will be a multitude screaming for justice from this outrageous charge.

Meanwhile, my bookshelf will suffice as entertainment.

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