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Unfair to Mayreau


Tue, Jun 22, 2010

Editor: Please permit me this space in your newspaper, to vent my anger over something that took place over the Whit Monday weekend during the Canouan Whitsuntide Regatta Festivities.{{more}}

On Saturday, May 22, the first day of the boat racing, our boatmen from Mayreau travelled up to Canouan in their speedboat, towing their race boat behind. They got there and paid the trump to register their boat in the 3-day sailing competition. The following day however, upon returning to Canouan for the second day of racing, these men turned Canouan point only to realise that the race had already started (even though they got there for the time that was given to them).

Upon further questioning as to the reason why the race started without them, the Mayreau race men were told in no uncertain terms: “We never invite alyo, alyo come pon alyo own,” just like that. They’re weren’t invited, yet they took the money for registration. Wow!

The boatmen and our island as a whole feel insulted by what happened and need an explanation and an apology from the responsible committee. We are part of the Grenadines as well and without us your Regatta will continue to lose its substance and purpose. Pretty soon you’ll only have a Regatta filled with fete as you have failed to reintroduce the pageantry and fishing competition. Hospitality is one of the main things that keeps people coming back, so you have from now until next year God’s willing to get your act together.

What goes around comes around and it’ll affect you more than us.

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