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We must continue to sensitize the public on Socialism

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Fri, Jun 18, 2010
Editor: I read your editorial for the week ending 11th June, 2010, titled “the Socialism debate.”

I must agree with you that “the anti-socialist rhetoric revolves around the words and deeds of three persons: our Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and retired Cuban leader Dr. Fidel Castro.{{more}}” You see, Editor, these hold the philosophy of governance that is Socialism; these are the modern day activists of the socialist philosophy of governance; these men have practiced anti-rights and anti-freedom behaviour by oppressing and suppressing the dissenting voices in the countries they lead. Space would not permit me to share the evidence, but all one has to do is listen the news coming out of these countries. Jesus Christ said in order to judge a righteous judgment, “ye shall know them by their fruits” and “…the things which come out of him; those are they that defile the man.” Matthew 7:6 and Mark 7:15.

The debate has not been “force-fed on us”. What was force-fed was when the Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves signed on to ALBA (which has a socialist agenda) on 24 June 2009, without our knowledge and then later announced “…that ALBA is the way to leave behind underdevelopment”, at the 9th ALBA Summit, in Caracas on 19th April, 2010. Isn’t it the Prime Minister who force-fed us by taking us down the road to socialism, through ALBA, without us giving him a mandate?

History teaches facts, and history has shown the experiences of leaders who have trod down the path of socialism and the facts are that copying this philosophy of governments does not do well for the rights and freedoms of the people. Certainly this is enough reason why we must continue to sound the alarm, to enlighten and sensitize the people about the issue whether you think its scare mongering or not.

No form of development can ever come from any system that does not have the rights and freedom of the citizens at heart. For this reason we will continue to voice our concerns and challenge the premise of support for any policy or action of which we do not approve and which is not in harmony with the protection of our God-given, inalienable Rights and Freedoms.

Karima Parris