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Let go of this gangster style


Fri, Jun 11, 2010

Editor: The media (both print and electronic) play an important role in influencing the society. The songs played and programmes aired as well as the articles written can influence our people in either a negative or positive way.

How sad that many radio stations find it convenient to be playing many songs that promote gangs, violence and sexual looseness. No wonder our young people’s priority have been sex and money. We have even adopted gang names and dressed like gangsters.{{more}}

We need more songs that are edifying and educational to be played on radios. There might be reluctance by many young people in listening to these songs, but if all the stations are playing songs that are educating, then eventually it will be accepted and the consciousness and education of our young people will be lifted.

Sometimes we even have radio announcers, disc jockeys and talk show host using the airwaves to incite anger and hatred. Some even lack Standard English while speaking on the radio. Meanwhile, the printed media can be used to educate the population with educational articles and things positive.

Our young people are to be encouraged to read more and listen to positive things so as to guide our young people in the right direction.

It is time we let go of this gangster style and names that represent gangs that many easily adopt.

I believe the media will rise to the occasion and influence the minds of the society in a positive direction.

Thank you.

Kennard King