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Vincentians, if we must vote, vote intelligently!


Fri, May 21, 2010

Editor: We know that elections are very near. The two major political parties are into campaigning. They both are trying to woo supporters and are saying that they would make this country better, but as Christians we know that the prosperity of this nation and any nation for that matter does not lie in the hands of the politicians, but with Christ.{{more}}

One of the major mistakes the area representatives have done is to neglect their own supporters for the NDP in hopes that they would gain their support, only to discover that it has not worked out. Instead, it has backfired in that the ULP supporters who are neglected feel let down and so stay away from the polls.

On the other hand, we have the NDP which is gearing up to take the realms of power, not offering any hope as to the way forward. We are hearing them criticising the government, and rightly so, but what we need as an electorate is to know what they would do about the things they are criticising and where would they get money from to take this country out of its economic state.

We must be conscious of the fact that there are thousands of Vincentians who are not members of any party and would vote intelligently having listened to both sides. It is, therefore, important that both parties deal with the issues and not be engaged in slander and propaganda. There are many of us who look at things from a Vincentian point of view and not from a political party’s point of view. So to these Vincentians, they cannot be fooled for we know

that only God can really make this world better, and no political party can. However, if we must vote we would vote intelligently.

Kennard King