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Speaking out about SVG and West Indies cricket


Fri, May 21, 2010

Editor: It’s about time people start to speak out. Mr. W. Glasgow and Mr. Burnett are the two most devoted persons (male) to Women’s cricket in this country. They continue to demonstrate unselfish and sacrificial commitment to help the game. However, sad to say, these men are the least used by the SVGCA.{{more}} SVG had the best under-23 team in the Caribbean. Now we hardly find an under-23 player on the national team. This is our cardinal sin, hence the cricket woe. SVGCA needs to understand that getting youths to play cricket cannot be done from behind an office desk.

By the way, can someone tell me why only Bajans are involved in West Indies Cricket operations? Operation Manager – Tony Howard – Bajan. West Indies male Team- Manager and Coach- Bajans. West Indies Women’s cricket. Manager, Coach, Trainer, Physio- all Bajan. Women’s cricket selector – Courtney Brown- Bajan. Assistant to the Secretary of Operations – Roland Holder, Bajan. Isn’t there anybody else in the Caribbean who can fill those places?

Just Concerned.

P.S. West Indies A team coach – another Bajan. Could it be, just maybe, that is West Indies’ dilemma? What happened to Ian Allen?