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I’m disappointed in you, Dr. Cox!


Editor: I am extremely grateful to you for allowing my articles captioned “What more, what more can comrade Ralph do?” , in your esteemed paper. I will be following in the next issue. However, I wish to divert from this issue and deal with an article appearing in the Searchlight of April 30, 2010, under the caption “Some advice to Andrea Bowman : Call Bequia “ by Dr. Richard Cox.{{more}}

At the outset, I must state that I fully agree with the stance taken by Mrs Bowman and beg her to stand firm in her convictions. She is well within her bounds to express her concern about this stepping stone which can degenerate into something more serious. Given the lewd behaviour of some of our youths today, Mrs Bowman’s concern is very commendable.

However, here are my opinions on Dr. Cox’s article.

When Dr. Cox makes reference to the “referendum licking” and the “advancing NDP”, I wonder if he has correctly interpreted the results of the Referendum ? If fact, has anyone seriously assessed the results absolutely? Can these results be analysed accurately without bias? May I state here that there is a vast difference of opinions with regard to the results. It has been voiced around that several ULP supporters who did not vote in the referendum or who voted NO will be voting for the ULP come next elections. Also, what yardstick is Dr. Cox using to measure the “advancing NDP”? Hopefully, it is not just by listening to Lynch. Then he would be really out of sync with reality.

It is incumbent on every Government in power to work towards remaining in power for as long as they can. We can definitely claim that this Government did not get into power by violence, and have not remained there by force. Rather, they are a government which was democratically elected – they are a government of the people, by the people and for the people. So why “fixing a dirt road or adjusting the VAT” would come as a surprise to anyone? Of course, as I mentioned before in another article, Dr. Gonsalves is not a paragon of virtue. But who is?

With regard to the “hammering of Ralph”, it should not be a surprise to anyone that many of the “hammers” have worn out, but the “anvil” (Dr. Gonsalves) has remained, a bit beaten, but not daunted. He remains to fight for the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

I must also say that if there are intellectual pygmies and intellects from Lilliput, there must be someone who is an intellectual Gulliver who is preparing to travel the political journey for a third term. Moreover, he wishes to protect all Vincentians, despite the attacks from all quarters. And I must say that he, Dr. Gonsalves, is doing a great job as the main servant of the people of this blessed land. Dr.Gonsalves surely deserves another term in office, and I encourage right thinking Vincentians and Dr. Cox to ensure that Dr. Gonsalves is given that opportunity to continue to govern our country. We have much to benefit from it.