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What more can Comrade do?




Editor: I carefully perused the weekly newspapers last week looking for feedback on my article dated April 1, 2010, but unfortunately did not see any. Am I to deduce from this that both the NDP and ULP supporters are in support of what I am saying? I invite any one to challenge what I had to say then.{{more}}

In last week’s article under the above caption, I drew readers’ attention to the ULP’s achievements in the field of education. Under the leadership of Comrade Ralph, their efforts have borne and are bearing fruit in this area of the nation’s development.

Now, I wish to refer readers to the ULP’s accomplishments together with my comments on the matter of projects ongoing and completed in the Grenadines.

On this matter, I do not have any list or knowledge of what was done in the Grenadines by the NDP regime during their seventeen (17) years in power. However, I know of the Union Island Marina Fiasco, where millions of dollars have gone down the drain.

The projects undertaken by the ULP Government over the last nine years put the former Prime Minister, whose stomping ground was the Grenadines, to immeasurable shame and contempt.

Hereunder (as far as I could glean) are several projects from which the communities of the Northern and Southern Grenadines have benefitted. Of course, the people in the Grenadines also benefit from most of the mainland projects.

1. Up to date Primary School in Bequia

2. Early Childhood Educational Centre at the Bequia Anglican Primary School

3. Learning Resource Centre at Union Island.

4. Secondary School at Union Island.

5. Renovation of the clinic at Canouan.

6. New Police Station at Canoaun.

7. New Jetty and Power Plant at Mayreau

8. Renovated/modernised Bequia Fisheries Centre.

9. New Canoaun Jet Port

10. Upgraded airports at Bequia and Union Island

11. Road repair.

These projects represent the main development in any community. They have provided employment and educational opportunities for several persons. They have helped to lift many families out of poverty. Surely these projects (and there are more) speak volumes for the ULP, and it can be concluded that James Mitchell is surely no match for Comrade Ralph in meeting the needs of the Grenadines people.

Lest we forget, although the Ottley Hall Fiasco is not in the Grenadines, it was the Representative for the Grenadines, who was also the Prime Minister, who is responsible for the debt brought on by this project that was a millstone around the necks of Vincentians. HOWEVER, we must NEVER forget that it was the negotiating skills of our Prime Minister, Doctor the Honourable Ralph E Gonsalves, which saved this poor struggling country from this financial yoke – millions of dollars!!

I again ask: What more, what more can comrade Ralph do?