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Why are people calling for change?

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Editor: It’s the talk all over St. Vincent: Tell the Comrade call the election. When I ask why the Prime Minister should call it before 2011, they say it’s time for change. I continue to find out from persons why they are asking for change. I think the Unity Labour Party did well in their nine-year term, but all of a sudden persons are calling for change, and it appears it’s all about our Prime Minister.{{more}}

Why? Some persons are saying whenever our Prime Minister speaks, his choice of words creates problems for him. Did our Prime Minister deliver as CEO? Persons also saying whenever they hear our Prime Minister speak he spends too much time on the New Democratic Party: “What they did not do”, “What they can’t do”, “Eustace leadership can’t take St. Vincent and the Grenadines anywhere”. Tell us where Unity Labour Party is going with the future of this country. Forget about the New Democratic Party; they had their time. If you continue to remind us about the NDP, you never know what kind of impact you are creating. The people of this country are complaining about lack of representation.

Once our Prime Minister said his ministers, our ministers, will have to report to him and he will tell us what is happening. We are still waiting on the answer. Could this be one of the reasons why the people are saying time for a change? Change from ULP or change from Dr. Gonsalves as Prime Minister. Jomo said Ken Boyea. I keep saying Minister Baptiste, but she made it easy for Dr. Gonsalves. Look inside the Unity Labour Party, there is nobody else. So we are stuck with Dr. Gonsalves. The last election was “Keep Comrade there”. I am wondering this time what would it be.

A vote for NDP will stop development, so our Prime Minister keeps saying. Hans King is trying to convince persons that ULP delivered. He gave them an A+, but I gave them A for effort. They met a good foundation, so they build on it; that’s what should happen. So, please, Hans King, don’t give ULP all the credit. Our Prime Minister demonstrates leadership of some kind. He said to me that I’m confused, but I am not. I’m just paying attention to him. Dr. Gonsalves, would this next election be about leadership? “No!” ULP says airport. NDP is saying the future is most important. But persons are saying it’s about good governance, transparency, accountability and freedom of speech by all Vincentians, because our Prime Minister is the architect of these thoughts, so don’t think I am very critical of him. I am simply paying attention to him!

Kingsley DeFreitas