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What to expect from the New Democratic Party



Editor: If by some miracle the Opposition NDP wins the next general elections, what is in store for the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines? From the utterances of their leaders we can expect:

1. Abandonment of, or inability to finish, the Argyle International Airport.

2. Abandonment of the Cross-Country Road Project.

3. The down-grading of the Modern Medical Complex at Georgetown because there will be no Cuban doctors to help with its staffing.{{more}}

4. The slow-down or abandonment of the Education Revolution.

5. The reversal of the War Against Poverty.

6. The refusal to engage with the building of the National Stadium or the new city at the E.T. Joshua Airport Site or the tunnel under Cane Garden Point for entry into the city of Kingstown.

7. The cessation in the construction of police stations.

8. The refusal to expand the Coast Guard.

9. The un-signing of Petro Caribe.

10. The withdrawal from ALBA.

11. The downgrading of relations with Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Malaysia, Ethiopia, etc.

12. The end of increases in minimum wages every three years and the roll back of salary increases.

13. The end to bonuses for public servants and duty-free barrels at Christmas.

14. The cessation of the Low-Income and No-Income Housing Projects.

15. The return of Bad Governance and Corruption.

16. Unfettered arrogance in the form of Cummings, Leacock, Friday, Vynette Frederick and Linton Lewis.

17. Pig-headedness and backwardness by Eustace.

18. Weakness in leadership and meddling by Mitchell.

19. Rogues, vagabonds, and greedy ones heading State corporations and their boards.

20. Going easy on cocaine traffickers and money-launderers.

Sincerely yours,
Bernice Laidlow