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LIAT from Barbados trying, but Nine Mornings impressive



Editor: I have just returned to New York from my long awaited Christmas vacation at home.

This was my first since 1969. How sweet was Nine Mornings. Must say congratulations to the various committees for a job well done. I had my fiancée, who is a non-Vincentian, visiting for the first time. She was very impressed with the concept of the Nine Mornings celebration, more so with the prisoners’ Christmas programme.{{more}}

Her main concern, and also mine, was the driving of some of the van drivers. They were over-taking where one would not think it was possible to do so. It was also her first experience with LIAT from Barbados. We were supposed to leave at 12.30pm but were told that the flight was over-booked and we would be put on a 5:40pm flight. That flight never left Barbados until 7.45 pm, with no apology from LIAT for the lateness of the flight. Once on board, they had no immigration forms to handout. I must say for being bumped off the first flight, we were given two vouchers for lunch and a discount on our next LIAT flight. Our outward journey was much better: SVG via St. Lucia to Barbados. We were on time on both legs of the journey.

All in all, our vacation was one that my fiancé will always remember the hospitality of the people of SVG and the houses on those hills, so big and beautiful.

Hopefully I will be back for Carnival and more Christmases.

Vincy Overseas