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It’s pure hypocrisy!



Editor: The inclusion (not for the first time) of Cuba on the list of countries thought to be sponsors of terrorism is indicative of hypocrisy of the highest order on the part of the United States, given that the only terrorist organizations associated with Cubans are those based in Florida, and throughout the past 50 years these have been financed to a considerable extent by the CIA which is an arm of the US Government.{{more}} This has been amply documented. There is no threat to the US from Cuba. On the contrary, it is Cuba which has repeatedly been the victim of terrorist attacks from US based groups.

Whether this is a decision of the State Department or the Department of Homeland Security, it does not reflect well on the Obama administration. Apart from having no foundation whatsoever, it is this type of political silliness that distracts attention from real threats and militates against the compilation of a meaningful watchlist which can be properly monitored. No wonder the real terrorists continue to elude detection.

The US should clean up the terrorist groups residing on its own soil.

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