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Consider the lives of others and that of yourself when driving



Editor: A happy new year is extended to you and all the readers of the newspaper. Sympathy is also extended to the families and friends who lost their loved ones in the recent tragic accident on old year’s day.{{more}}

Much discussion has been going since that fatal day on December 31, 2009. Reducing the number of persons the vans are licensed to carry, by removing one of the seats, can in no way solve the problem of overspeeding and overcrowding.

Even if one of the seats is taken out and it carries now fourteen, the van can still be overcrowded if they choose to. The minibus operator needs to recognize that the van should only carry the number of passengers it is licensed to carry.

Many van drivers, owners and conductors have to realize that transporting people should be a profession and due care and concern for passengers’ safety and comfort must be taken into account. Thus the speed at which some van drivers drive is unacceptable and they should be made to feel the heavy hand of the law when they do so. Not just when a fatal accident has occurred.

I strongly recommend that the monitoring of vehicle speed be made by patrolling police officers and that passengers refuse to travel in these vans that travel at such a fast rate that is unacceptable. By doing so, we would all ensure that we feel safe while travelling in the minivans. I am certain that if passengers feel safe and comfortable in the minivans then the business will become a profitable one. After all, a life lost cannot be regained.

Let us in this year drive with due care and attention. Always consider the lives of others and that of yourself when driving.

Kennard King