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Keep the ULP theme



Editor: General elections are due by March 28, 2011. The ULP government has performed well since 2001. Its leadership is tried and tested. It is visionary; it has a progressive philosophy of social democracy; it has excellent policies and programmes for SVG; and it has delivered well to the people. Labour is working for SVG.{{more}}

I am most impressed with the manner in which the government has led the way in facing the economic storms over the past 16 months, brought on by the worst global economic recession so far. Somehow the Comrade has been able to get the government to insulate public servants, teachers, police, nurses, other workers, pensioners, those on public assistance, the Education Revolution and the Health system from the severe economic strains from overseas. Ralph has also led the way on the British-American Insurance matter, OECS integration, and LIAT in finding solutions to very serious problems.

Enough credit has not gone to the PM and his government for their good work. Meanwhile, the Opposition NDP has no leadership of quality and no answers to SVG’s challenges.

So, in the next elections for the love of country, let us keep the ULP there. I did not vote in the Referendum but I am voting for the ULP in 2010 – 2011. I urge others to do the same.

Bernice Dubois