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Here’s my political wish list for 2010



Editor: Happy New Year to you all.

The stories will break fast and furious, as government and opposition race against time to win the next general elections. Here goes my Political Wish List for 2010.

  • The Prime Minister and the ULP and Opposition Leader and the NDP will immediately commence Working Sessions with the CRC to bring a new Constitutional Bill before Parliament by July 2010. Before final passage – with unanimity.{{more}} Representative organizations will be allowed to make presentations to Parliament. This process will necessitate weekly Meetings of Parliament from July to October.
  • The Bill will be passed by October 2010 and the required Referendum will be held simultaneously with, but separate from, the 2011 General Elections. Both the NDP and ULP will form the “Yes Campaign”.
  • Eustace will become the first casualty of Mitchell’s backroom leadership. “Home Boy” Linton Lewis will emerge as the new leader of the NDP. Vinny Frederick will be elected Deputy Leader.
  • The ULP and the NDP will make public statements on the urgent need to rid the country of divisiveness and political tribalism. Both parties will pledge to (urgently) work toward that realisation.
  • Both political parties will pledge to complete the major capital projects now under construction. They include, among others): The Argyle International Airport, the Cross Country Road and the Georgetown Diagnostic Centre.
  • If (God forbids) the NDP wins the next general elections, they will keep their hands off Vision Now, PetroCaribe and SVG’s progressive foreign policy.
  • Broadcast standards will be legislated before the end of 2010. Several radio talk shows will be cancelled.
  • Opposition Leader Arnhim will be awarded an honorary PhD degree (by the UWI). This will take care of any feelings of inferiority he has … Dr. Gonsalves… Dr. Eustace.
  • Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace will make a public apology to Reverend Victor Job (and the Methodist Church). Failing that, he will be excommunicated by the Calliaqua Methodist Church.
  • Commissioner of Police, Keith Miller, will be transferred to the DPP’s office. B T Marksman will be appointed to act until a new Commissioner is appointed.
  • Individuals who are barred from representative politics by law will not be allowed to campaign for any political party during the upcoming general elections.

And I am still “not on the ground…”

Cde. T. Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.