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Come on, Scotia, step up to your former days



Editor: How I remember the days when Scotia Bank in Kingstown, St.Vincent, was one of the fastest moving banks for customers. Yes, in a relatively short time, a customer could have got through doing his/her business at the Bank.{{more}}

Now, it’s the opposite. Why has Scotia Bank lost so many marks? Is it a case that recent tellers are far less competent than those of former days? Is it that Scotia tellers are on strike indefinitely? My goodness!

Just yesterday I went into Scotia Bank to do my regular business, and oh! It seems as though snails were behind the counter. Why? After I arrived at the top of the line, I still had to wait for 40 minutes before I could do my business. Probably the Bank needs some simplification procedures. Probably more workers are needed at the counter, especially when there are long lines of customers; or tellers need more training to do their jobs reasonably quickly.

Come on, Scotia Bank. Step up to your former days. Speed up the process and let customers get their business done more quickly.

Nonetheless, I do appreciate your service to the nation. Keep on serving us. Thank you.

Best wishes,